Ilkeston & District Chrysanthemum Society
Early Flowering Chrysanthemum & Gladiolo Show 2010
At Trowel Garden Centre
Sunday 5th September 2010
Judge - Roy Turner

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ABOVE: Terry Hubbard's Trophy Winning 3 x 3 Mediums
Annie Lea


ABOVE: Vin & Joan Aldread's Trophy Winning 3 x 5 Sprays (Best Exhibit)
Rose Enbee Wedding
Honey Enbee Wedding
Primrose Enbee Wedding

ABOVE: Gil Hardy's Trophy Winning 1 x 6 Reflex Medium
Not less than Two Cultivars
Yellow Wingfield
Pink Wingfield


ABOVE: Trevor Walton's Winning 1 x 5 Reflexed
Allyson Peace


ABOVE: Brian Moore's Trophy Winning 3 x 3 Sprays
Talbot Parade
Salmon Talbot Parade
Best Man


ABOVE: Terry Hubbard's Winning 1 x 5 Intermediate
Billy Bell


ABOVE: Brian Moore's Winning 1 x 3 Blooms
Dennis Turner


ABOVE: Brian Moore's Trophy Winning 1 x 5 Sprays
Natalie Sarah


ABOVE: Trevor Walton's Trophy Winning 1 x 6 Blooms
3 Distinct Cultivars
Yellow Wingfield
Annie Lea
Joyce Frieda

ABOVE: Mick Henson's Trophy Winning 2 x 5 Double Sprays
Pink Talbot Parade
Talbot Parade


ABOVE: Vin & Joan Aldread's Winning 1 x 3 Sprays
Honey, Rose & Primrose
Enbee Wedding


ABOVE: Mick Henson's 2nd 1 x 3 Blooms
Savanna Charlton



Disappointing number of exhibits, but yet again Vin & Joan Aldread took the silver medal for the best exhibit and bronze medal for best vase in show Primrose Enbee Wedding. Gil Hardy best vase of medium disbuds and Terry Hubbard best large flowered in show and best in single vase classes with Billy Bell.

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